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Then and Now – A One Year Park Study

Posted on: May 1, 2011

So I wouldn’t say this was exactly a year ago from right now, but this was definitely park play from a year ago.


My how he’s grown. This last few weeks has been a bit of a touch and go considering park time, however the change is pretty evident:


It’s amazing what a year will do. I’m excited we will be around for when the water park opens again. I kind of feel like he’s still not be too into it, but at least we’ll have one more go before we depart. His independence is amazing to me, and his ability to tackle physical challenges without our assistance is also great to watch. I look forward to what is coming next. (I think)


2 Responses to "Then and Now – A One Year Park Study"

I have a picture of Junie sitting on that snail thing from about one year ago. You have inspired me to do a then and now with our pictures.

I totally recommend it. Also I think we should all have a gallery of our children on that snail. From whenever they have been on it. xo

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