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Mother’s Day: a Recap

Posted on: May 9, 2011

Yesterday was my third Mother’s day and the first one that I didn’t have any real obligations. Last year it snowed and the year before that I think I’ve kind of blocked that first one out.

This year I received lovely balloons and flowers from my son and partner.


Lovely, aren’t they? I think so. The day changed slightly when we were informed that someone wanted to look at our apartment in the afternoon. Sean and I busted ass for 4 hours cleaning and tidying our apartment for a 10 minute walk through. Oh well, now the place is clean and ready for the next people to come in.

After our frantic scouring, I decided to finish a few things. One I can’t show, as the recipient hasn’t received it yet, but the other I can. I started this cross stitch about 3 days before Sean was made redundant. It was supposed to be for his office, now I think it will be for mine.

I hadn’t done cross stitch in years. I would even go so far as saying decades. However now I feel a bit renewed. My friend, and Lady of Honour, Melanie and I started to do some cross stitching when we went home to Missouri to not plan my wedding trip. It’s been a nice alternative craft for me to get back into. A while ago I did this as well:

That’s a kind of bad picture of it, but Henry wanted to draw on fabric, after he saw me trace the farmhouse for my now useless Save the Date card. This is what came of it.

Since I was feeling like being on a roll last night, I also pretty much got this finished as well.

Another bad photograph of my handywork. This, a Sublime Stitching pattern, was started way back in August when I went home and stayed with my parents for 6 weeks. It was put away for a while, but I decided to bring it back this winter and finish it. They are boxer shorts for Sean. Maybe I can get a pic of him wearing them. 🙂

So that’s about it. Happy belated Mother’s day, all you mutha’s out there. I’ll have more soon.


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