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Ohio Star: Pt 1

Posted on: May 13, 2011

Back in 2006, I asked my mom to get me some quilting books. For some reason I was drawn to one specific quilt, and Ohio Star from the turn of the century. It was gold and white, weathered from sun exposure. For 5 years I kept these books on the shelf, occasionally flipping through them, always returning back to this Ohio Star. The directions seemed easy enough, the instructions tailored for rotary and machine — perfect for someone busy. A week after Sean was made redundant, my local sewing shop, Emeline & Annabelle had a fabric sale, and I decided it was finally time for me to start this quilt. What else did I have to do?

  • Plan a move across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Find a mover who will do that and not have to rob a bank to do it
  • Sell / give away over half of our items we own
  • Tidy up loose ends
  • Get the cats travel ready, a 6 month ordeal
  • Find a Pet Travel Agent (yes you read that correctly)
  • Get the apartment ready for someone else to rent it
  • Work on 2D Art for Sean’s Games in Development
  • Say goodbye to everyone
  • Be a good parent
  • Go running to stay sane
  • Be a Good Mom
Yeah, I have plenty of time. It doesn’t hurt that on Tuesday nights I head down to the sewing shop for their clinic night, where I can spread out my fabric under good lighting and cut on their gynormous cutting tables, making it easier on my eyes and my back.
Right now I seem to be in the cutting phase. First I took a gigantic 4 meter and 3 meter rectangle and cut it into Big Medium and Small squares.
Being at the sewing shop really helped on the sanity front. I totally recommend it if you live in an apartment, or dark small space. Not to mention the company isn’t so bad either.
Thanks to a little trick of taping to rulers together I made quick work of my first gigantic rectangle.
Meanwhile, Melanie totally laps me by not only cutting out, but also sewing up a double sided apron while I’m still cutting cutting cutting.
Onto a new colour.
So there you go. It’s all about the rotary blade right now.
Up next for the Ohio Star: More Cutting — Now With Diagonals.

4 Responses to "Ohio Star: Pt 1"

Ooooh, taping rulers together. Such a good idea!

Oh yes, it was a life saver. Not to mention the ability to find a 13.5″ wide ruler was next to impossible, I would imagine the cost would be on the level of insanity.

That’s me! Sewing! I’m a sewer!

Yes you are my dear! And sew well you do!

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