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Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down

Posted on: May 17, 2011

After a month of all of us being basically under the weather, Henry and I were able to venture out on one of the wettest, rainiest spring days this year. But this didn’t stop us from going over to our playdates at Mona Schmidt’s house to see the lovely Hannah, and get a little girl time in for all of us.

On an ugly day like this, a visit to the Bagel store down the street was in order. After a rousing game of “Run About and Not Get Dressed” Henry and I headed out and left Sean to work on his current game project. Did I mention it was rainy?

First stop: St. Viateur Bagels. Recently Henry has has an obsession with baking, specifically baking bagels. He will create an oven and find a long, anything, that looks like the wooden plank they use to move the bagels around and place anything small and round on this plank he’s fashioned, and call it “Bagel Making”. (I have a picture, I’ll try to find it). As usual the Gentlemen in the bakery did not disappoint.

Loves. It. This time he was brave enough to ask for 6 bagels. A few days ago Henry was telling me a story while he was “cooking bagels” and told me the blue man took the bagels out of the fire with the sword. It all became clear to me this morning what he meant.

We caught the bus, played in puddles and looked at beautiful flowers.

*ahem: the owner of these flowers is Not a Nice Person*

Finally! Right before we got soaked to the bone, there was Mona’s house! Warm and dry. And always welcoming, indeed.

I love it when it’s all tea parties and hugs.

The afternoon went too quickly, and I believe we will be visiting again, but maybe next time with something different from bagels. I believe the last time we came to visit, it was kind of doing this snow rainy thing, and the time before we were going to visit, it was throwing down snow. It’s only fitting that the next visit it should be lovely, sunny and warm. 

On the way home Henry declared he wanted to take “busses and trains” so we did. From when we departed to when we returned, Henry figured out how to not get thrown by the bus. 

We waited for the train, and I explained to him that when we move, there won’t be any underground trains unless we go to the Big City. He didn’t seem to grasp it, but I think it’s all sinking in. Maybe. When we got out at Villa Maria, he had to look at his favourite discs. Which actually started to make me feel a little sad that I won’t be seeing the Super 60s Design in these dirty, dank, wonderful metro stations. 

I’m sure when Villa Maria shuts in June for it’s much needed concrete reno, it won’t be the last time Henry and I set foot in it again. 


2 Responses to "Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down"

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