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Jumble Sale Saturday June 25th — Now With Pictures

Posted on: June 19, 2011

Ok, so this is a cross section of stuff that we will be jumbling in our sale. We have more that I haven’t been able to take pictures of but here’s a rundown of categories that I can think of off the top of my very tired head:

  • Kitchen Items (mugs, pie pans, cookie sheets, a food processor, some pottery, milk jugs etc)
  • Household Gadgets and Must Have’s (Light timers, bulbs, lights, basically things handy that use N. American voltage)
  • Lot’s of Infant and toddler stuff
  • infant to toddler clothing for all seasons, oriented unisex / boy
  • Random Items, like really random
  • Yarn (duh)
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Lots and Lots of Books of all kinds, cooking, computering, design, literature, craft, kitchy, etc.
  • Stereo equipment
So really, come buy our stuff, fulfill your lives with the things that were once in ours and enjoy a nice Saturday in NDG. Also, feel free to tell your friends, your friend’s friends or even just strangers on the street. It would be a great help to us to get the word out that we need to to help us get the funk out of town! I’ll take more pictures as the week goes on, and have more information when we have it. We look forward to seeing you!


11 Responses to "Jumble Sale Saturday June 25th — Now With Pictures"

Not the green step stool chair! Dang, I wish I was there to shop your wares. I love a good “junk” sale.

yeah, right now the green step stool chair is slated for the sale. I think it needs a good home somewhere in Montreal. I wish you could come to our sale too! xo

Is there any fibre under that yarn?

There is some alpaca that Ginette carries. They use a kitchy font. I’ll think of the name prolly when I’m away from my computer.

or right now. Alpaca with a twist!

Dibs on the fibah if no one’s claimed it already! I’ll be there.

I’ll take the green chair! And some yarn ^.^

Sounds good! The chair is yours! We can haggle a price when we see you on saturday 😉

This makes me saaaaaad
But hey, i want your ergo, wearing device if thats what you have pictured. I’ll pay, wear Granny and give it back to you when the time is right

Honestly though, seeing all of your stuff just makes me want to sob…

Except the egg cartons, they kinda make me giggle


OH my God! Yes! I’ll mail you my ergo carrier ASAP. You want the fabric one or the heavy duty one with straps that can be a backpack? Fuck it, I’ll mail you both. Right now there’s a lock out dispute with Canada Post, so I’ll send it UPS, I’ll do it tomorrow. I miss you too my sister. My sweet lovely sister. I’m so sad to be departing. I’m pretty sure that we will be home for October though. I want to come in for 3 weeks so you can have one whole week of holdie and cuddles. We are on our second glass of wine, it’s been a rough week. Yes, yes yes. Ergo and azure wraps to you my dear. xoxoxo.

The egg cartons have Christmas ornaments in them, but yes, next to the bicycle saddle, looks quite humourous. 🙂

And now im waiting to be “moderated”
How kinky!

Anyway, i missssssssssssssssssssss you Jackson Butler persons

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