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Allotment Garden: First Earlies Part 1

Posted on: January 4, 2012

Today Henry and I spent a little bit of time planting our very first “first earlies”. As far as I can tell, some vegetables have three designations:

  • First Earlies
  • Second Earlies
  • Maincrop

I have only run into this designation for potatoes and peas, however I know “earlies” and “maincrop” are words that get thrown around in this milder climate. For potatoes I got 2kg of “Second Earlies” Wilja Potato starts. For peas we went all out and got First  + Second Earlies as well as a maincrop. Peas are something that I can reliably set in front of everyone at dinner. I have the confidence that Henry will enjoy them, and Sean and I won’t get (too) sick of them. They are lovely fresh and they freeze well too. Peas are expensive at the farmshop and not exactly cheap at the supermarket.

What we planted today was a first early pea called “Douce Provence”. The definition is as follows:

This is a cross between Meteor and Kelvedon Wonder. Very early, round-seeded, excellent cropper. Can be sown November to February. Height: 45cm.

Alright. Sounds good. So, Henry and I got our supplies together from the Greenhouse up the garden

I have a small bucket of compost outside the front door for this very reason. We opened the bag and got the seeds out

They have a lovely pink colour to them. Henry was interested in how they rolled around. I let him keep 6 out so he could inspect them. They are currently rolling around in the conservatory where we did the planting.

Because it is so very early, and one wants to stagger harvests, we only planted three plants this week. Next week we will plant 3 more, and the week after etc until we have about 8 weeks, or around 24 First Early Douce Provence plants. (If you are interested in following this process, I have a page set up that you can visit with a calendar. I’ll also be posting images that don’t make it into posts, as well as others that I like.)

Henry counted out three peas per starter pot. He did a good job. No more, no less.

We gave them a bit of a water, and i popped them back in the greenhouse to get what sun they can and some protection against the cold. Next week, there will be another row. But before we did that, I made a little label with the date and type of plant. Henry wanted to do the same, so I made sure he got in his say. He wrote, and I quote:

Mommy wrote Douce Provence pea on the other side of this stick

I’ll take that.


2 Responses to "Allotment Garden: First Earlies Part 1"

I think he wrote, and I quote, “My mummy is the best gardener and the best mummy ever.”

Awwwww. Thanks lady I hope I’m doing alright by him. We miss you. xoxo

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