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Month of Letters Challenge

Posted on: January 30, 2012

I believe I first saw this on Boing Boing, and thought it was a good idea (in a general sense). I never really have felt the need to participate in these kind of “daily internet challenges” that pop up: post to your blog everyday for a month, write a novel, knit an insane project in two weeks. Whilst all these challenges are Very Noble, and I’m sure quite fun and rewarding, they really haven’t appealed to me very much.

After a few days though, I kept thinking about all the people I could potentially send correspondence to. All the people I miss and would love a good reason to communicate with. Perfect. Let’s do it.

As an added challenge, I have decided to step it up a notch and include my son in the challenge. Whether he catches on or not, he will, if all goes well, be “writing” and sending out a letter or postcard every day in the month of February.

Although my rules are pretty standard — write and send a letter every day in the month of February (I’m adding a blind draw in the mix to reach out to some people I would love to, but have lost touch with for so long you get that *awkward* feeling if you do) — Henry can pretty much write and send as he pleases. I will make sure he sees me writing at least a part of my letters every day and I will encourage him to write and draw his own. He will also have the freedom to choose who he will send his letters to, and I will mail them with him in chronological order.

He already started off with a bang. Tonight as I warmed up my pen and wrote a letter to a person who I hold so very dear to my heart — so very close in my soul — Henry wrote to:

  • A friend very nearby
  • A friend very far away
  • Some animals

(The author at work. And still a lefty for most things).

This is the one Sean is most impressed by. Henry, as many know, is OBSESSED with Minecraft and loves all things “‘sploding monsters”. So he drew one for his pal. Here is what a Minecraft Creeper looks like

Sean’s quite pleased about his blossoming visual recall.

As for me, my letters are less colourful, not as many markers. But #1 has been completed, and that makes me feel pretty good.


6 Responses to "Month of Letters Challenge"

i want a letter too! with pictures! and drawings!

You’re on the list! I’ll check if we have your address, but just incase, send Sean or I your address in an email. Henry has been asking when you and Noah can come to visit. 🙂

Would love a postcard sent to Australia.

Cheers, crazykatlady.

I grabbed your address, then took it out of your comment, for privacy! Thanks, and expect a postcard from the UK soon! mlj

He is quite the talented artist!

Thank you! How are your boys doing? I have been woefully terrible at keeping up with blogs recently. I think when the spring comes, I’ll get back in the groove (and it’s been really lovely to hear from you via comments xo )

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Month of Letters

Month Of Letter Writing

Month Of Letter Writing

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